the social cage and the hundredth aspie principle

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order and chaos.
swimmingly dancing
ehcolations of fractal equations
hopping in song up and down scale
bopping quantum frothy hyperholography
spin and memory
quantum information
pattern and chaos;
self replicating forms of order and biochemistry....
a fractal holographic universe;
echolating patterns of time and space and scale
infinities of staircases built in a thousand shells
concentric circle superbubbles in tenth dimensional

the distal and proximal stimulus!
what is the true nature of reality?
for all we can know is subjective to our lens of perceptions
and all we can do is according to what we can thus know

the mind, sleeping in its permutations of instinct and
social order and civil law; the great grand effort to have a civilization?
where is it going and what has it wrought?

as we tumble down the corridor of the fate of mere fractal chaos permutations as they tumble down space time and out the door of the "now"

As we live lives in biochemical supersuits of
spacetime called bodies; self aware and thus
self observing;

matter can be transformed into energy;
matter is composed of energy.
Matter is the strong force which is a knot of a loop
of bouncing fractal quantum particles entangled with each other and thus stopped in apparent time space
due to their entanglement;
the universe is pure energy; matter is an illusion.

but wait, it gets worse.
because those quanta are fractal bubbles hopping in fractal hyperspace; none of their true properties can be known other than in mad scientists experiments.
Nobody knows what atoms are actually doing or how they behave until we smash them apart, or use radiation to fly past it and make a false image negative

There is no determined quantity of energy for any photon, and every electron is a shell of potential identities until interaction with another particle causes a force collapse into particle behavior.

the quantum scale is layers of fractal scale doing concentric circles with each other.
As an electron orbits a nucleus, so does a planet orbit
a star as does the strong force have a moon called the
weak force and so on through the forces.
A photon? a wave a mile tall and wide until measured;
a singlurity when actually observed.

Virtual photons abounding;
there is no actual "energy."
Just the quantum memory of probability of the feild opening and closing in a frothy fluctuation....

all matter is energy. All energy is Information.

We are potentially God awakening;
we are behaving like the worst case scenario of the
spoiled brat civilization;
our potentiate as infinite as colonizing the galaxy;
our destiny uncertain as we fall back down the tunnels
into mortal instincts
and the entropy of social and civil order
and chaos
traveling in language through space and time
a million propagandas
and a thousand paradigms
keeping time with each other in our collective heads
as consciousness imprints itself upon the quantum level;
by virtue of having some"thing" be the observer;
we are here to see the universe;
and we are thus its caretakers just as we are its gods.
we are RESPONSIBLE for it, not just ON TOP of it;

We are capable of awakening; from a collective dream;
from a hival herdal monkey mind fooling itself to thinking its civilized by having technology and apparent law and order;

to the actual disorder, entropy, chaos, we actually
see as evidence before us in American Politics;
the most corrupt administration ever finally being overturned by bored near democracy;
the levels of control dispelled by the growing evidence
of simple cause and effect building up its blueprint on reality;

they had and have it all wrong. They don't know how to run a civilization. They don't know right from wrong, they don't know how to make peace, and they don't care.

Civilization is run by bad rulers. They are bad mostly because they are ignorant and arrogant; not by intention, but the outcome is the same so it doesn't matter that they don't mean the rest of us harm.

Their laws and traditions and customs and ideas about the nature of reality?
They are just maps and nothing more.
They are reports by some person of their experiences
subjectively, commmunicated subjectively and experienced and interpreted subjectively by an oberver.
They are not objective realities; they are only the best
answers somebody came up with at some time or another.

And so everybody makes their way as best they can
via maslows hierarchy of needs as it might translate into a pure causal actual architecture; we are the beings who are made of materiality; biochemical chaos.
and we are thus biochemical machines; requiring biochemical sustainence.
we need. We need air, we need water, we need food,
we need sleep, we need some variation of the right conditions for our temperature to be just right;
And instinct even tricks us into thinking we NEED sex.

We need Physical, Social, Emotoinal, Mental, And Spiritual Levels of stuff.

If a baby doesn't get its social needs met, it can die;
(accidental early nursing

The human animal meets its needs one need at a time. And most of what anybody ever does in their whole life is to meet their own needs.

Thats what drives everything ultiamtely; some form of selfishness. And the only way to beat it is written like an echo to the instinct in the mammalian brain; COOPERATION.

When a civilization can make as its first priority meeting the needs of its civil population; then the needs of the civil population will cease and crime will stop. But the rich and greedy don't want to take a chance on turning their proffits. So we slide down the slippery slope toward social entropy.

When a civilization can make as its first priority meeting the needs of its civil population; then and only then can we be said to have graduated out of oligarchy
and into genuine democracy. We live in an oligarchy.
A very small number of people determine what the rest of us get to do, see, hear, think, or react to;

and they sell us a million and one things as promises
to meet our needs, but; their success hinges on not giving us the real thing so that we keep coming back for more.

And so life slides in American civilization down the tubes in a rush of work and no time; and the "nuclear family" is actually made itself into a batch of perfect strangers who hardly ever see each other.

Pack psychology and Egotism ensue;
and what is left?

a thousand bodies of information which are incontrobvertible and a million propaganda bodies of information which are trying to sway the populations minds not to see what the real solutions are and really how simple the puzzle is.

The truth of science;
and almost everything else.

two forces; fighting for the soul of humanity like lucifer and God.

every propaganda is simply what somebody said to cover the truth, distract from the truth, or sway somebody to do something.

the truth of science;
propaganda warfare;
order and chaos;
spinning like the tao
tossing over the real questions that are the most fundamental ?

what is true ethics?
what is right and wrong?
how do we as a civilization define ourselves as different from the law of the jungle?

This "I"ness that one experiences as the subjective
center of the universe; and the universe;
as above, so below, as within, so without;
as the universe; so the soul;
the astronaut and the psychonaut;
each of us travels both paths
each of us makes two journeys;
one within us, and one outside of us.

Do you know where you are going?
because 99 percent of the population is participating
in pushing human civilization to the brink of ecological armageddon, and all we need to do to really solve it
is get these damn alpha dominant jerks to chill out and masturbate.

Cooperation; Competition. The secret truth;
every competition is a waste of time.

All of this fighting for oil?
black tar stupid.
all of this posturing and bullying and bickering?
ape dumb.
All of this propaganda warfare?
The life of trolls?
The big batch of noise they have made to keep us in a box;

this social cage is the bubble thats got to pop sooner or later.

Beyond the social cage is everything called freedom.
inside of it is for 95 percent of the population a way of life backed up behind having a nuclear family and a 9 to five job. But wait, do you ev3n bother to notice that you end up going "out" to the "Social scene"?
Humanity ends up recreating the tribal experience;
but they trick you and end up making you pay for it.

And there out at the social scene? what do you find?
people who don't want to see, don;t want to talk about
don't want to have you stir up the herd.

People who are invested in the system; invested in the box; in the big god of deception, they will fight for the system.

They are nearly self identifying. "con" - Servative.

Civilzations being run by literally a million and one propaganda artists.

The last thing they want is for you to explore inner space and actually get somewhere. The last thing they want is for us to actually get humanity colonized into space.

They want people HERE on EARTH to be SLAVEs to the grind.

the social cage; ideas and paradigms and the tower of babylon we are collectively building;
lighting drifting like fire down in a spiral expression of
our instincts and our needs and what we will do to each other and the rules that they could think up 4000
years ago are falling that way, just like rome fell before us.

As we fall, we can stop the fall by awakening.
But the bell curves of possible futures meet there at their own sharp arc.
At some point, there is a point of no return;
at some point the diabolization of women becomes
the slavery of gender and mother nature;

at some point the concepts as descriptions become
only just the perfect boxes; frighteningly false in their
false implications just as they are beautiful inside their
contexts as poetry.

as the psychonautic journey progresses, we can either choose to be ego invested, or we can choose to be cosm invested. This is ultimately the true definition of ethics; wether we invest ourselves by force of attention to selfishness or to service.

Behind that apparent paradox lies a riddle of the difference between knowing the path and walking the path. There are a million jesus impersonators camped around the self realization that the ego is just
an illusion, thinking that thus they are the one and only true god and the rest of us are beholden beneath them.
The truth is the reverse; the universe is awake where it
most strongly self observes.
Any one of us is contributing to the observation; and thus driving the end product of the fractal chaos decision process.

the truth is that YOU are god.
the question is whether or not you have the personal
power to embrace that, or settle for being something
thats just a body.
you can be your body; or you can be fractal holography.

you can't have your cake and eat it 2.
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